The SOLAS regulations make the selection of flame retardants and the design of surfaces in passenger carrying vessels an arduous task. The release of the new IMO regulations under FTP 2010 makes the subject of achieving light weighting and improved fire resistance an even more difficult task. However the Charon™ materials should be able to offer the best ability to pass the new requirements.

Despite of the excellent performance of Charon™ PCP no polymeric material will ever pass the ISO1198 non combustibility test to the IMO regulations.

This is of course separate from the special requirements for high speed craft where the use of light weight composites may be important to the efficiency of the vessel. Charon™ flame retardants can make a major contribution to rendering structural members fire resistant in terms of the IMO requirements.

Typical resin system that have been investigated for use with Charon™ are:

  • Unsaturated Polyester: Charon™ LFR can flame retard polyester composites and significantly reduce smoke emission.
  • Intumescent coatings: Charon™ LFR can provide coatings to create fire resistant aluminium and composite structural components.
  • PU coatings: Charon™ LFR allows the production of flame retardant and fire protective PU marine coating for composites, steel and aluminium
  • Polysiloxane sealants: Charon™ LFR produces excellent flame retardant and fire protective cold curing sealants
  • Latex based resins for use on carpet backing and seat covers:  Charon™ LFR disperses into latexes and offers excellent protection.
  • Rubber flooring: Charon™ LFR provides excellent fire protection when used in this application
  • Charon™ PCP can create outstanding flexible coatings for protecting seat fabrics including thermoplastic types.
  • Charon™ LFR can produce excellent rigid and flexible foams for passing any fire test including the CRIB 7 seat test.
  • Charon™ PPEs can create outstanding phenolic foams and composite panels that can provide up to 60 minute bulkhead protection.
  • Charon™ PCP can create outstanding two pack varnishes and coatings with class leading performance. Our ready to go coatings have demonstrated the ability to pass the latest IMO regulations on timber, epoxy and polyester. In addition they have shown to be able to create up to 30 minute barrier panels under EN1381 on timber, epoxy and polyester. When combined with our own PU topcoats this intumescent system is capable of offering fire protection in all marine environments

Where composite bulkheads are being considered the regulations state that the failure limit is the heat deflection temperature of the composite: It is possible that a heavy coating of a Charon™ PCP based twin pack coating may allow such bulkheads to achieve this requirement.