The requirements for fire protection in an environment depend on the anticipated time to escape. Obviously compared with aircraft, railway rolling stock, oil rigs, publicly occupied buildings and ships, the time to escape from a car is very short, hence the fire protection requirements are easy to meet. The majority of fires in vehicles are started deliberately.

In the interior of a car the typical flammable materials used are:

  • Polyesters - these can be protected by Charon™ LFR
  • Polyurethanes - to create rigid and flexible PU foams with outstanding fire performance able to pass the difficult CRIB 7
  • PU composites - Charon™ LFR are able to provide excellent flame retardation.
  • Latex based resins for use on carpet backing and seat covers - Charon™ LFR disperses into latexes and offers excellent protection.
  • Thermoplastics- Due to the lower activation point of Charon™ it is only possible to use Charon™ in low melting point thermoplastics. It could be possible to use Charon™ to create FR polyolefin foams