Charon 63V/P & LF - Timber Applications

Uniquely Formulated using the Charon Liquid Flame Retardant (LFR) produced here at our facility.

Tested and passed to EN45545 for the Rail Industry gaining HL3 Accreditation for use on London Underground and Network Rail.

Charon 63 is available in the following formulations:

  • Charon 63V   - Clear Coat FR Timber Varnish
  • Charon 63P   - White Pigmented Paint version of the Varnish
  • Charon 63LF - Low Fume Clear Coat FR Timber Varnish

The Charon 63 Timber Protection Range has been engineered and developed to produce a NON TOXIC SMOKE.

Market Leading Fire Performance for all hardwoods, veneers and polyester materials with an easy to clean solution, Charon 63 is washable with soapy water making the cleaning of equipment and work areas an easy task.

Both Charon 63V & LF give a zero haze finish for crystal clarity for any high end timber hardwood product.

The perfect solution to upgrade the Fire Performance of:

  • Fire Doors and Linings
  • Furniture and Fittings
  • Timber Structures, Roof Beams, Pagodas
  • Fine Arts and Sculptures
  • Antiquities
  • Classic and Vintage Rail Protection
  • Classic and Vintage Vehicle Protection

Can be easily over coated if necessary to gain other types of architectural finishes with any water based paint system.

Applicable by: Air Assisted Spray, Airless Spray, Roller, Brush.