Charon 74PU - Cable and Steel Applications

A Global First Prototype Intumescent Polyurethane Rubber designed to take intumescent coatings into the next generation of evolution.

Unique and unlike any other product on the market Charon 74PU offers maximum fire protection for nearly all substrates.

Developed and Tested In-House to tackle the 5G Arson Attack challenges but applicable to nearly any application type in industries such as steel construction, aerospace, marine, and infrastructure.

Capable of coating most materials but tested for application on Power Cables, Data Cables and any type of metal/steel.

No Primer Required, 10 Minute Cure Time, Instantly Overcoat-able for high build applications reducing coating times by up to 15x and reducing site visit requirements by up to 5x.

Architecturally overcoat-able with any PU based paint system to give a decorative finish.

LOW Activation Temperatures of as little as 150c offering the fastest reacting Intumescent coating on the market globally.

There is no other product in the world like this.

Applied by Heated Spray Systems, Trowel/Spatula and Cast In Solutions are available.