Charon FA (Formulation Additives) - LFR for Additions

Series 1, 2, & 3

Charon FA General PPE Base Products

Developed and formulated for blending into Epoxy Resins and Polyester Systems to provide Halogen Free Flame-Retardant Properties without adversely affecting the physical properties of the finished products.

Benefits of use include far lower activation temperatures and variable viscosities making the Charon LFR Series a highly “fluid” development formula.

Available in varying solids levels to suit customer development design scope.

Compatible with all Polyurethane Systems including foams.

Our LFR blend produces a Low Volume Non-Toxic Smoke when activated.

Available in 70% - 100% Solids Content.


Series 6

Charon FA Timber Varnish LFR Base

Acid X/Resin X and Charon 63V/P & LF Pre-Blend

Flame Retardant Acid Catalysts for Melamine and Imino Formaldehyde Urea Resins.

Used as base formulas to introduce flame retardant properties contained within the curing system of paints and varnishes.

Specifically developed in house to a unique formula to take fire performance coatings into the next generation.

Overcoming the traditional usage of powders, our unique LFR Formulation is liquid based, making blending into finished products simplistic and clean.

Use of our LFR products to enhance fire performing timber varnishes brings the added benefit of perfect colourless clarity and a halogen free varnish system.

Another advantage of using LFR over traditional powders is the LOW Activation Temperatures that cause the chemical reaction and intumescing Char to be produced.

Typically, our LFR range activate faster and more effectively at temperatures 70°C - 100°C LOWER than any traditional Intumescent product on the global market.